Savannah. Charleston. New Orleans. San Antonio. These colonial-era cities inspire the courtyard garden ideal: green and lush, with beautiful plants, pools and fountains, paved with stone, tiles or bricks, & protected by sheltering walls with gates that reveal a table and chairs for cocktails or an al fresco meal...

Friday, August 27, 2010

Upcoming Project: Suggestions, Please!

OK, it's been in the one hundred degrees here. I have not been thinking about my garden, I have not been out in my garden, (except at night to water) but the temperatures have dipped back into the double digits and I'm thinking about my garden projects again. Oh, and consequently, the blog. The next project I want to tackle is my garden gate.

I'm loath to show you pictures of my garden gate in its current state. It looks much better when Zéphirine is blooming her heart out in spring and early summer. A picture of her in bloom is shown above. The gate is nondescript almost out-of-the-box-look iron. I have added a cast brass door knocker in the shape of a classic woman's head. Now remember, the wise women of Garden Rant say they are "bored with perfect magazine gardens." Here is the "Before" picture taken this weekend.

Now, I have always loved gates with an arch of flowering plants over them, particularly roses, so a few years ago, I lashed together two pieces of green bamboo and created the arch over this gate. Rosa 'Zéphirine Drouhin' grows up each side and meets in the middle. Some years here in San Antonio, she is not quite in the mood, but other years, with cooler wetter springs, she really shows off. Her moods may be variable, but she has no thorns, and therefore is particularly appropriate near gates and other paths. She also has a divine perfume.

In New Orleans and Charleston, and above, Scotland, the wrought iron ornamentation of the garden gate often continues to a stationary wrought iron arch over the gate. These provide added security and decoration and I've always admired their old-world charm. I bought one at Shades of Green, my local independently owned garden center, which I love. Well, I wasn't specific about loving the arch or Shades of Green, but it doesn't matter, because I love both. My goal is to have the arch installed over my gate, with an added arch of rebar over the antique portion, on which to tie Zéphirine. Perhaps for propriety's sake I shouldn't say tie, but instead afix or fasten. You know she's French and very particular. If I offend her, next spring may be an "off" year. The arch  will need to have to downward portions on each end to fit into the upright outside sides of the gate, and then be welded together.

In the future, look for AFTER photographs. I will try to install it without offending Zéphirine's sensibilities. Perhaps next spring she will reward us!

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  1. Sounds very interesting! I'm looking forward to the "after" pictures!


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