Savannah. Charleston. New Orleans. San Antonio. These colonial-era cities inspire the courtyard garden ideal: green and lush, with beautiful plants, pools and fountains, paved with stone, tiles or bricks, & protected by sheltering walls with gates that reveal a table and chairs for cocktails or an al fresco meal...

Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Address: www.VerdantSanctuary.com

N.B. "Verdant Sanctuary" will make a small move to www.VerdantSanctuary.com from www.verdantsanctuary.blogspot.com . It simplifies the address and Blogger will kindly redirect you should you go to the old site. It will make finding us easier and be easier on people's memories. 

A tropical water lily blooming in purple-blue splendor at the McNay. Thank you for all of your interest and your e-mails! (verdantsanctuary@gmail.com)
                             - Fougères

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