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Saturday, July 17, 2010

More Heads from my Courtyard

Isn't this fountain beautiful? Unfortunately, it's not mine! I found this picture while looking up the link to my fountain and had to show it to you. It consists of an antique stone trough and a lead lion spout and is from a website in the UK called "House to Home."  Look at all that moss and lichen! It would all die within minutes in San Antonio...

Sorry, anyway, while I was out in the yard, mowing and watering (and admiring my new water lilies) I looked up and realized I left out five (yes, 5) heads  from my previous post which live above my wall fountain! (picture below) I first saw this fountain in Naples, Florida at a garden center, and had to have it. Since it exceeds all airline weight limits and carry-on regulations, I began searching for it in San Antonio.  I finally found it at Home and Patio. It is called the "Parisian Wall Fountain," and is manufactured by Al's Garden Art. The six spouts make a great sound that is deceptively refreshing in our hot summers. By the way, Naples is my DREAM garden location. Tropicals, subtropicals, seafood and shopping! Oh, and beaches, too.

The large planter head is obviously Bacchus and he is cast in high relief of fiberglass coated with stone dust. A "Ming" asparagus fern sprouts from his head, Asparagus myriocladus. I cemented a copper spout through the drainage hole with silicone, so excess water wouldn't run down the wall and leave a stain. Instead, it pours into the fountain itself. The tall wrought iron candelabra is from an estate sale, and was too wobbly, so I bolted it to a piece of rough-cut limestone from Keller Materials, a gardener's candy store of all stone products here in San Antonio. Now the hose won't tip it over.

Back to the heads. Four smaller beings surround Bacchus. The upper two are cast stone cherubs and the bottom two are reproductions of two "Riverine Heads," which are heads of Irish river gods which adorn the Dublin Custom House. I believe the male on the left is the Shannon and the female on the right is the Liffey. This finally completes the "head count!"

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  1. So glad to 'meet' you! Although Texas bloggers grow many plants that we Indians are familiar with, your garden backdrops are amazing! Love your fountains and the 'heads'! Unfortunately, garden decor in my part of the world (the north-east) is nothing to write home about:(

    I'd love to spend more time here and catch up with your lovely posts....Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving me a message which moved me... Will surely be back. Till then....happy gardening!


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