Savannah. Charleston. New Orleans. San Antonio. These colonial-era cities inspire the courtyard garden ideal: green and lush, with beautiful plants, pools and fountains, paved with stone, tiles or bricks, & protected by sheltering walls with gates that reveal a table and chairs for cocktails or an al fresco meal...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tulsa Courtyard

This courtyard in Tulsa is actually in the front of the house, a fore-court if you will. Here is the handsome gate with an ivy lending that nature-taking-over feel that instantly ages this modern courtyard and makes it so much more interesting.

Peeking in a little farther, one views the pool, again at the front of the house. Classic urns combine with modern but comfortable furniture.

Since Autumn, Winter and Spring can be cool in Tulsa, the courtyard boasts a handsome outdoor hearth. This  courtyard garden solves the problem of what to do with the house whose garden area is in front of, or to the side of the house and not in the rear. See this garden here.

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